Accounting Tips for Small Businesses


It seems like a straightforward question. 然而,小企业的会计核算取决于许多因素. You might be starting from square one, 或者你已经在企业工作了几年,需要更新会计流程. Are you considering expansion? Relocating your business to another state? Moving from brick-and-mortar to online sales?

你所做的每一个商业决策都会引发新的会计问题, but you can still keep things running smoothly. Here are our top tips for small business owners.

How to Do the Accounting For Small Business

At the very basic level, 小企业会计只是简单地记录收入, and money going out. This is also known as bookkeeping-系统地记录你的财务交易.

Whether it’s an analog or digital system, 你要确保跟踪每一笔交易, as well as any payments or debts.

Small business accounting also includes creating financial reports (like a P&L statement and balance sheet) and filing your taxes.

jdb电子游戏变脸2充值建议每一个小企业主建立一个商业银行账户 manage your business finances. 你使用的任何商业信用卡也应该是分开的. 这将帮助你更容易地跟踪你的收入和支出,以及计划全年的税收和额外购买.

Should I Use Accounting Software for Business

有些人真的很喜欢使用老式的(纸和笔/铅笔)分类帐来核对收据. 如果你更倾向于用这种方式为你的小企业做会计, then it’s not a bad choice.

也就是说,学会使用会计软件可以简化你的会计流程. 手工记账需要更长的时间,你将不得不手工创建每个报告. With accounting software, 在您输入一些初始信息后,流程的许多步骤将自动执行.

使用会计软件也可以帮助你申请贷款, file your taxes, or are considering a large business acquisition. 有一个存放所有业务信息的地方, updated regularly, will make each of these scenarios that much simpler.

When to Hire A Small Business Accountant

There’s no hard and fast rule about hiring an accountant to help you with small business accounting tasks.

首先要考虑的是你公司的规模. 如果你是一个个体企业家或业余爱好者,只是带来了一些额外的现金, 你可能不需要雇人来管理你的财务.

接下来要考虑的是,你是否希望有人来为你的企业承担大部分的日常会计工作, or whether you just need help for something specific. 有几个场景需要考虑,包括以下:

  • 我是否发现很难跟上日常的会计文书工作?
  • Have I received an audit notice from the IRS?
  • Do I need advice on how to structure my business?
  • Are my payroll or sales tax issues complicated?
  • Do I just want someone else to handle the reporting?

Finally, if you have not been using accounting software, 雇一个会计来帮你正确地设置它可能会有帮助. 在一开始就这样做可以帮助你在以后节省时间和金钱.

最终,是否聘请会计师取决于你自己. If you’re on the fence, we’d love to hear about your small business 需要和谈论如何jdb电子游戏变脸2充值可以帮助.

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Accounting Tips for Small Businesses