How to Memorize Quickly?

how to memorize quicklyHow to memorize quickly, it is a question that lingers in the minds of many people who are on the clock for that big exam coming up, and they don’t have any more time to waste.  Many places that you look will tell you the best way to memorize something is to have of time on your side. However time is nevertheless short so one has to get the best of using it right. Your brain will work better at studying information over a number of sessions instead a long and boring one.  This gives the time to process materials and commit them from short-term memory to long-term memory.  Studies argue that people, who study on a regular basis, will outperform those who cram all the studying into one time.  This is all about practice, if you do a thing often it gets into your routine and each time you do it is easier. But when you are wondering how to memorize quickly and with good results, there are some options that will work even if you don’t have the clock on your side; it is just a matter of using  a few different applicable techniques.

How to Memorize Quickly – Mnemonics Devices

One way to make sure that you are able to get the best out of your memory is to use a mnemonics device to help you remember a set of information.  Our brain can convert information to long-term memorhow to memorize quicklyy when associated with something that is relatable. Mnemonics that will help you memorize quickly are the uses of short poems, haiku, film quotes or memorable phrases said by personalities.  A good example is making an abbreviation that stands for two things, one that you are able to remember very easily or that relates to the subject at hand when spelled out, and each of the letters in the acronym stands for one of the terms that you need to remember. This method does not work at the same time as  others for young children and older adults when you need to learn how to memorize quickly in a specific order. For example if you wanted to remember the following words – plagiarism, longitude, assimilate and yellow.  You could use the mnemonic PLAY.  The first letter of each word makes a second word.  This is a good technique when you need to remember a grouping of information as a whole, or when you need to learn how to memorize quickly in a specific order.  Mnemonics can also be used by people in verses or even a short song.  Military forces from different states use mnemonics in their how to memorize quickly training. There is also a mnemonic dictionary with a suggested way to remember every work you can think of. This is my favorite method I use in how to memorize quickly.

How to Memorize Quickly – Story time

An old favorite that people continue to use is to make a story that they can use to help them recall a certain series of terms. I remember when I was little, my math teacher use to explain math problems in class like a story. Like this – You go into a house and you have a table and five chairs. There are four people in the house and each of them uses a chair. How many chairs do you have to choose from if you want to sit down.  A good how to memorize quickly story  is to pretend that you are going on a trip, make up any trip that you want, and imagine that on the trip different things are happening that related to the terms and ideas that you need to know, as you continue to add to the story you will add more terms and ideas.  It may seem like it would be hard to do at first, but every time you add something to the story you go back to the beginning of the story and start over, it plays on the repetition to help you remember a massive amount of ideas. Sometime repeating the story in your head before night sleep might help you remember better. Before sleep and immediately after wakeup, the brain is in a special relaxed state and receives easily stories converting them into long-term solid memory material. So if you want stories for how to memorize quickly process you have to act as your own storyteller and be creative in this matter.

How to Memorize Quickly – Oldies but Goldies Hint

memorize quickly with post cardsIf you are not sure that any of these different ways of memorizing is going to work for you, there is always the old standby that you can use.  Make a set of flashcards that you reviews as many times as possible, when learning how to memorize quickly though, there are some flashcards techniques to use.  Like in kindergarten where you had to match the item with the one draw/written in the flashcards. First repeat as many times as you can to force the memories, second make sure that you are practicing out loud, the verbal and audible notation will act as another way for your brain to hold on to ideas. Or better try to organize a mimic night with friends where you have to guess the words or phrases from your learning material. For sure you will have fun and will remember the material. Learning how to memorize quickly is not as hard as many people think it is, if you take advantage of a few of the techniques above you will find that you can learn anything that you need to even when you are short on time and resources. I address this method of how to memorize quickly especially for young people.

Auditory Learners

If you find that how to memorize quickly for you is by what you hear in conversation or if you are good at music and tones and rhythms come easily to you, you are probably an auditory learner. This means your auditory memory is active and more sharp than the other forms of memory people have. You should try to memorize items by first reading the material you want to study in a slow voice then say it out loud until you go throughout the list. It is important to understand what the material is about. So give yourself enough time to process by logic because there are people who read out loud and can’t focus in understanding at the same time. This technique of how to memorize quickly works flawless for short or long lists and tests or exams.

Visual Learners

Visual learners get their best memorizing from images.  They literally see it and understand it. If this is how you memorize your spatial skills are very strong – you grasp sizes, shape and perspectives.  You are able to memorize by “seeing” the information. Visual memory runs like a movie or a slide show in the mind of the learner. You have to know to press play and stop and to use it in your favor to memorize quickly. So use color coding or highlighting your physical information on paper. Organize it by dates, people, tables, draw it or make mind maps so your mind will easily photograph the materials and you will master another how to memorize quickly technique.

Tactile Learners

This is also called kinesthetic.  If you are a hands-on person who likes to move, do and touch things to get information or if you use your hands when you talk, you can learn how to memorize quickly by acting out or recreating the things you are trying to remember.  For instance if you have a math formula or a number related task, you could use playing cards to lay out the numbers and flip them over as you memorize them. Or other objects that might help you make connection between your learning and them.

Reading Method

If you memorize what you read the best, you should read what you want to memorize over and over then repeat it verbally and then write it down. Writing gives you the advantage of hearing it and seeing it and doing an action to fix the information right into your brain. Using flash cards, you can write the question on one side and the answer on the other.  When testing yourself – read the question side of the card and try to say the answer. This how to memorize quickly method used by actors when learning their lines gives precise result and good long-term memory.

Memory Tips

Consider brief, regular breaks. It really is ideal to workout in the course of these breaks as opposed to undertaking some thing passive like viewing ten minutes of Television. Working out will stimulate your brain, and you also will run better if you return. Be cautious to not overdo it or forget to come back to your learning. Ten minutes activities are usually time consumers and steals your time if you linger into them longer.

Consuming whilst you stimulate your brain and enables it to kick into complete gear. Chewing or eating is an actions that can easily be associated with a particular learning session. Choose nutritious possibilities like fruits or seeds, mostly finger foods or small bites but be carefull to avoid fatty meals as chips or cookies. And hydrate yourself.

I’m an old teacher with great experience that worked with lots of students and from experience I tried to offer  you some tactics for HOW TO MEMORIZE QUICKLY. Above I listed my primary tactics, wich I warmly recommend. Over time there will be more information about how to memorize quickly tips&tricks, so stay tuned and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some suggestion or opinion.

My advice : Keep your brain in shape – put it to work to keep up a fresh memory, test all advice in how to memorize quickly and choose the best for you. How to memorize quickly is like an old sport, practice and you’ll make the game.

Finally ask yourself how to memorize quickly, be a good sport and share the answer!

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